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    Yes, there's a 4 argument limit. I believe you could always just pass in an array? Either direct to compiled JS, or as an array of bytes to compiled C.

    And yes, Espruino will reliably handle less than 1ms in an interval, but JS code execution speed will probably hit you around that point.

    Also http://www.espruino.com/Compilation says under 'doesn't work': Creating arrays or structs ( [1,2,3] and {a:5} ) which is why you get ObjectExpression/ArrayExpression is not implemented yet

    One thing to note is that when writing inline C you can't use float/double math - so you'll have to do it all in integers. However if you can do that then you should be ok, and you can call a function with more than 4 arguments from C. It's just when calling C from JS that you're limited to 4 arguments.


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