• So it works and it also doesn't work. The SmartLock part of it works fine, as long as I stay paired.

    But if the connection is broken for any reason (I turn off BT on my phone, I go far away, I turn off BT on the puck, etc...), it does not automatically get re-established. Now, from looking around a bit, I think that's probably a bug with Android and/or my Pixel 3. However, even when I try to manually repair by going into "previously connected devices" and clicking "Connect" next to the Puck entry, nothing happens. I have to forget the connection completely and re-pair by picking "pair new device". The Puck doesn't even show up in the list of devices for my phone to connect to until I forget it first, but it's still advertising, as I can see it in the list of devices when I scan from my PC, so obviously the phone is filtering out discovered devices that it hasn't forgotten yet.

    So I'm not sure if the inability to manually reconnect without forgetting first is a bug on the phone side or on the puck side. My next step is to test similar conditions with a BT speaker that I have, so I can see if it's an issue with the phone.


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