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  • To use AM232x with I2C, it requires a specific "wake up" command which requires a command to be sent, followed by a 800 us to 3 ms delay, then a stop signal. (See section 8.2.4 of­5b0bbbc09cff2.pdf )
    This doesn't appear to be possible using the I2C Espruino module, as granular functions (like beginTransmission, endTransmission in other platforms) are rolled into the 2 functions writeTo, readFrom.
    Admittedly, this sort of granular control with delays isn't exactly Javascript's (or Espruino's) forte.
    I'm unsure if this interaction is considered standard (e.g.­ues/390 introduced a "Repeated Start" capability), but perhaps it could be added as a capability.

    Alternatively, you could always bit bang the entire I2C conversation manually. (e.g.­286138/?offset=25 ).

    It's probably easier to fall back to the "single-bus" mode (which is wired differently as mentioned above).

    I'm trying to use Espruino with an AM2322 and I ran into this complication.