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  • Hi @Gordon,

    I revive this old thread mainly because of its title.

    On a Pico 1v3 with Espruino 2.01, I have a time shift of about 4.5 s per minutes: that is, I used new Date() on the console twice, separated by 4 minutes from my PC own time and got 18 s of difference. The pico was in late by that much.
    This was also shown to me by a Gps time provided resynchronising the system time every 20 s or so each time there was more than 1 s of difference between system time and UTC time provided by the gps. Again the pico was always in late from gps time.

    This resist to power on/off and getTime() gives the same results.
    The pico is in a standard room, neither sunny place, nor cold one (22°C).

    Any idea of why there is such a difference or could it be that a crystal is required?

    Thanks for your reading anyway.


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