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  • Hi! As @allObjects just added, the CC3000 module is built-in, so you wouldn't actually see any JS files for it.

    Unfortunately as features get added, the size of Espruino's firmware gets bigger and bigger and it gets harder to fit it into the Original board. For the 2v01 release (just a few weeks ago) I finally had to take the CC3000 support out in order to get a build that still fitted in. It's still in for the Pico because that has a bit more memory available.

    However, the 2v00 release should work fine for the Original Espruino board - if you do an advanced firmware update and then chooseĀ­no_2v00_espruino_1r3.bin then you should be fine.

    If there's demand I can look at re-adding it (maybe pulling something else down in the CC3000 build to make room for it) but honestly I assumed that since you hadn't been able to buy a CC3000 for a few years now, nobody was using them.

    edit: I'll update the docs to mention the lack of support.


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