• Older Espruino version first Green Neopixel anomaly update

    Wed 2019.01.23    four hours later

    Curiosity got the better of me and I reflashed to an older version.

    And as I expected, the first Neo Green anomaly goes away! The first Neo never illuminates Green. This is as expected.

    So, confirmed, there is something different for hardware SPI on a Pico (in this case 1V94 which works) in older versions, compared to 2V00 which causes the false first Green Neopixel in a WS2812b string.

    I tried to get as close to 1V93 and 1V99 using the running list, but this was as close as I could locate


      "VERSION": "1v94.22",
      "BUILD_DATE": "Aug 30 2017",
      "BUILD_TIME": "23:02:10",
      "GIT_COMMIT": "54240e92f74840e9eccfbec431e2c3ae9951ae6­3",
      "BOARD": "PICO_R1_3",

    When first powering the board, this is the default mode


    And confirmed as suggested in #3 does switch after a code 'send' is performed


    No pull-up used in data line as both devices at 5V


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