• Tue 2019.01.22

    The following did not occur in 1V99 but is now repeatable in 2v00

    From @allObjects and @MaBe exchange in #65


    setting the pinMode to 'output' should resolve the first Green Neo issue. I found that point interesting as I had written tons of Neopixel code in 1V99 and never witnessed the first Green Neo anomaly ever.


    Note that Not calling pinMode() first responds with the following default:

    af_output - Digital output from built-in peripheral

    and, consequently turns on the first Neo Green even when triplet 0,0,0 is sent for black

    From the Note:

    'If you want . . . to set the pin mode automatically . . . or with the 3rd 'automatic' argument set to true'

    So setting to false should dis-able automatic then?:

    pinMode(B15, "output", false);


    output - Digital output

    but, subsequent calls to require("neopixel").write(B15, ar); toggle the state back to

    af_output - Digital output from built-in peripheral

    and, the first Neo in the string returns as Green. Not what we want.

    Were there changes to the Neopixel module since 1V99 ?


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