• Hi! I just discovered puck.js and pixl.js and I think it might be a solution to an issue I've been having and I wanted to see what people familiar with the devices thought about it.

    So Android has a "SmartLock" feature that lets me define criteria for circumstances for which the phone should not automatically lock (requiring the PIN to be re-entered) as long at the criteria are true. One criterion is GPS location, so basically you can say that the phone should not lock as long as it is at your home. Another criterion is a BT pairing with a trusted device, for instance, your phone should not lock as long as it is paired with your car's BT.

    The GPS criterion does not work particularly well for my home because I live in an apartment and the device frequently loses track of where it is (it works just fine when I'm at my parent's house though).

    So what I would like to be able to do is have some sort of BT device that sits in my apartment that I can have my phone stay paired with, thus invoking the SmartLock "keep unlocked" function based on the trusted device pairing. I have a BT speaker, but that's not an option because it then hijacks either the phone calls or the media output, and disabling those also breaks the pairing. So I need something that will stay paired, but also not hijack any features from the phone. And also I'd preferably like to keep it plugged into a power supply, so the pixl seems like a better choice for this than the puck, but I can go with either.

    Am I correct in thinking that either of these devices would do exactly what I need here?

    Also, since I don't actually need the device to do anything, can I just take it out of the box, power it up, and just pair my phone with it, or is there still some manual programming that needs to be done?


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