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  • I've been trying to find a way to get a Puck to act as central with iPhone as peripheral. I only want the phone's RSSI, but the iPhone is invisible to my scans for it.

    So I then approached it via LightBlue app which allows you to set up virtual peripherals by advertising services, but didn't have any success scanning for the device/service either.

    I then saw a comment from Gordon in a related post, suggesting that HID may allow a "no software" implementation as Puck will know when peripheral is connected, but I've had absolutely zero success getting any of the HID examples to work - literally just pasting them in.

    I'd concluded maybe HID was Android only - until I saw the stepper machine video which uses Puck/HID with iPad.

    I paste the code, connect to Puck, upload it, disconnect, then attempt to connect from my iPhone. The device is there, it does connect, but never displays any sort of pairing modal message as is seen in the stepper video. Needless to say the functionality, say the media player control, does not work either.

    The puck is running Espruino v1.96.
    The iPhone is on iOS 12.1.2

    Is anybody seeing same, or know what I'm doing incorrectly?


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