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  • I can understand where

    all have a consistent API and provided pin objects with read/write/set/reset/mode methods so they worked with the standard functions

    is coming from.

    For enhanced functionality though, I cannot really go for it, because having hardware moved out into a chip, and try in the module to ignore that make the module completely inflated and cumbersome. It is a pain to impose an architecture on an a different one - structurally and behaviorally.

    Said so does not include having both: support the expander efficiently in its architecture and to support Pin behavior for simple input and output as Espruino does it.

    I can see my position revised when the portexpander ins integrated natively where things such as digital read and write to pin arrays and clear/setWatch are handled with the knowledge of these capabilities. Why? If you have to setup a complete serial communication multiple times when you can do it in one makes not much sense and worsens the performance experience.


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