• I've located conditions when the bug appears.
    It happens after setSNTP call. Some intervals start to act like they have zero interval after the call. While dump() shows actual interval data is still correct.
    Broken interval list is different time to time. Sometimes all intervals become spoiled, sometimes only one or two, sometimes no one. But it happens often, each second call or about. changeInterval() call can fix broken interval.
    I've returned js implementation of SNTP to my code, and now everytrhing works.

    Now I'm sure there is a bug in Espruino for ESP32. Unfortunately, I did not find sntp implementation in git repository (while I do not think I will find the bug but I'd want to try). In any case I will be happy to help somebody to locate and kill the bug.
    I've tried to write small test code with only one interval and setSNTP but have no success - the bug does not appear in the environment, so it is not so easy to catch it.
    Could anybody also explain me correct way to report the bug? It seems to me it may be a wellknown Github feature. But I did not used Github so I do not know how it is usually done.

    By the way, I see signs that there is may be one more bug - my code hangs after a short time (usually a few hours) after I have added many console.log() calls (so it is called about 2 times per second now). There is no special console messages before the hang. It seems that the hang appears much faster if ESP32 board is connected via USB (so ESP32 COM port is used for logging). But I did not test it enough.


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