• Usually I save my code using 'Direct to Flash' mode in WebIDE. I do reset(1) before.
    I have used setInterval(func,1000) at global scope in my code, and I have not clearInterval. The setInterval returns 1.
    The code works with previous FW (v1.97).
    I see some strange behavior of my code with Travis build I have got a week ago. Most often I see fast screen change (screens are swithed in the setInterval) and strange state of Wifi connection after about an hour of work. I think I can remember git hash of the build if you need it.
    Today I've tried to call changeInterval(1,1000) from console and it helps - clock returns to normal work and works 2 more hours.
    So it seems to me it looks like setImterval-related memory corruption or something similar (may be data in hardware timer corruption or somethig else). And it looks to be related to the FW version.


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