• @Wilberforce, I have some strange problems with the firmware version. For example, a few times my clock begins to change screens very fast. I've checked that function inside setInterval is called many times per second (instead of one time per second) and does it with a very different intervals. I have tried to check if setInterval was called twice (while it is called only one time in my code, of course) and call clearInterval(1) from console (I have checked that 1 is correct number) and screen change stops - so it was one interval with the strange behavior. A few times I saw another problems, I can not identify them as well as previous one. Common part is that these problems is that they begins after a few minutes or an hour of device work. I have checked memory - and more then a half is free. May be, setInterval interferes with neopixel or with other intervals?
    I have another board connected to Neopixel LED sting and very simple code on it and still have no problems (last 4 hours). So tomorrow I will try to exchange these boards to check if hardware problems are. But clock worked well with old FW version on the same board.
    Now I have no idea how to locate the bug. I still have not tried to connect JTAG to ESP32 (and even have not tried to build something for ESP32) but do not think it is too hard for me. So I am going to try to (may be) search for something at weekend.


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