• I’ve read the other posts about the fifo_full error. I get why it throws but I need help getting around it.
    I’m trying to build a circuit very similar to the Espruino guide for setWatch on analog inputs using the lm393.
    I have a very simple script and circuit. The circuit uses a potentiometer and LM393 comparator. I setWatch on the digital output of the LM393 with the repeat option set to false.
    When the potentiometer is over 50% The value goes high and powers an led. The callback function passed to setWatch is called many times and I get the fifo_full error.
    I want the pot crossing over the 50% threshold to call the callback once. I’ll be implementing something similar to the guide on the lm393 (as I stated)
    What’s going wrong and how do I get around it?


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