• Hi - I don't think this is particularly ESP8266 specific, and it's probably more relevant now we can save saved code that auto-runs in .boot0/1/2/3 as well. Do you want to move this to the main forum?

    From my point of view, it'd be nice to:

    • Try and integrate this in a way that fits in with the look & feel of the rest of the IDE
    • Make sure it works online, via the Windows Native App, and the Chrome web app
    • Have the ability to choose a file to edit (so you could create a project, but could then have the editor window allowing you to edit a module in that project)
    • Maybe have an option for image conversion (to convert PNG/JPEG to bitmaps)
    • Maybe have an option for Wave file conversion
    • Maybe have an option to use Espruino v2's Heatshrink compression

    I guess some of this comes down to whether we try and handle files better in the Web IDE as well (multiple tabs, automatic saving, maybe having a filesystem online, or GitHub/Google Drive/etc integration)


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