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  • Tue 2018.11.20

    'Thank you for explaination of image adding'

    Hint: Were you aware of the 'Formatting help' link adjacent to the 'Cancel' button?

    It is always neat to see the results of end user project successes. I'm glad you were able to post your image of your project which I'm sure you are proud.

    Can't wait to see the results of your 4 16x16 LED panels version with the added date and temp.

    Are you considering a tutorial with images or a YouTube video perhaps?

    Also curious why two identical lines of write instruction?

    L300 neopixel.write(D2, gt.buffer);
    L301 neopixel.write(D2, gt.buffer);

    Was there an issue with flicker or something of the sort? Hadn't had the need to do something like that with an authentic Espruino Pico. Just curious. . . .


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