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  • dates about 1900-1905 are incorrecly converted to milliseconds

    So for example (new Date('1901-10-20')).getTime() isn't -2152224000000?

  • Mon 2018.11.19

    ref #4 'ESP32 v1.97 (last known to work with neopixel) '

    ref: 'Ā­'

    Just tried my luck on a Pico running 1v99

    From #6

    (new Date('1901-10-20')).getTime()

    The result:


    I did not get the value -2152224000000 as suggested in #5

    I can not confirm if that negative value is a correct value for the date Oct 20, 1901 though.

    Also agree with the three dates in #7

    'dates about 1900-1905 are incorrecly converted to milliseconds'

    Would you mind @SergeP posting a link to the maths used to create the dates that are felt incorrect please?


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