• A while ago I bought IR remote controlled RGB Lighting modules - see attached pics. They did great until I switched to white and then they froze on that color - and now it is time to do some destructive construction with these modules and celebrate something of the past: My very first Espruino 'project' - four plus (4+) years ago - was playing with the RGB LEDs of the Original Espruino board:

    Inspired by the great number of user input/output elements - BTN1 button and LEDs LED1, LED2, and LED3 - on the Espruino board right out-of-box, my first hands-on experience and fun was coding running led lights - red-green-blue-... - controlled by the BTN1 button:... ( ...start, stop, run faster and run slower)....

    The conversation was named Software Buttons - Many buttons from just one hardware button, because it was a next step of the light show as conceived as result of a conversation that had asked: What is LED1/A13? (addressing pins via variables). ...can LEDs be addressed by a variable? (By now, they an

    Today's project is less about plain on and off and running, but more about smooth, 'wavy' transition from color to color in in all of the spectrum - watch .mp4 clip below:

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