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  • Did you get a pre-programmed MDBT42Q? If so you should have been able to just program it with Bluetooth if you needed? Also, Adafruit do sell the Espruino MDBT42 boards in the US now:

    I don't actually see any capacitors on the board for the power line? - I guess it's possible that without one the nRF52 behaves a bit unreliably? Especially if running off a CR2032 it'd cause you a bunch of trouble.

    Interesting about KiCad too - I really need to give it a proper try as I'm still on Eagle, but having spent a bunch of money on various Licenses I'm now still using quite an old version.

    I'm thinking to getting solder paste an hot air station... using an iron is just getting very tough...

    Buy a cheap one, a syringe of solder paste, solder wick, flux and some good tweezers - it'll probably cost you less than $120 all-in and it's such an amazingly useful tool. I use mine all the time now. Even if you could do stuff with a soldering iron, the hot air often makes the end result look tidier.

    0402 isn't too painful to do with paste - but yeah, with a soldering iron I bet it's a nightmare!


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