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  • yeah just too lazy to wire all the segments, lol
    free run is a good idea, will try that

  • Totally free is not what I meant... I edited my entry. You already have it practically free running... the 1 ms setInterval() is quasy doing it... but it may back up when other things happen... so running it with a setTimeout() to call itself is a good thing, because you want the other javascript events - and system events - to get the cpu as well.

    I'm sure you will have something that will switch the display on for some limited time to save power. It would then call the update display function and as long as 'the flag' is on - which you control by a setTimeout to switch off, you will call the update function at the end of it with a setTimeout of 1 (or 0)[ms]... to let the flag controlling timeout event run and and reset the flag to switch the display off. --- This was btw the behavior I remember of these first digital clocks with red LED 7 segment displays.


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