• Ahh, ok. I won't say the company but I know what the product is.

    The code that's installed on those devices does a few things at boot, but two of them are:

    • It changes the name to SB;...
    • It removes the UART service, so they can't be reprogrammed with via the Web IDE

    It means the IDE isn't showing them because they don't have the correct name OR a UART service. Even if it did show them, the connection would fail.

    If you really want to connect with the IDE, you need to long-press the button while powering them on (for about 3-4 seconds). That'll boot without loading any of the saved code, and then you'll be able to connect.

    Careful you don't hold down for significantly longer than that though as then it'll clear out all the saved code from flash (so power cycling won't cause them to start up as normal) and you'll have to completely reprogram them with the JS.

  • Ah of course! I know the code, but for some reason it completely slipped my mind that disabling the UART service would have that effect (duh).
    Cheers Gordon.


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