• RAK8212 with its Quectel BG96 NB-IoT radio communication module, the various built-in sensors (including also GPS) and Espruino are a dream team for efficiently prototyping smart IoT devices.

    Things already achieved:

    • Get Espruino running on RAK8212 (Espruino RAK8212 page), added a blog post here: https://bit.ly/2x6OdY8
    • Got sequence of AT commands to establish NB1 communication on Quectel BG96, working both on Vodafone (Germany) NB-IoT enabled SIM card and 1NCE SIM card (using network of Deutsche Telekom).

    Work in progress:

    • Small data logger use-case using MQTT protocol and Cayenne myDevices as backend / dashboard.
    • Checking out CoAP protocol
    • Find good strategies towards reduced power consumption - Could such a device run for years on battery?
    • Find good strategies towards minimizing communication - Are only 50MB per year possible?


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