• @AlexB, did a quick check... do I need do revive my Palm(s)? ...btw, the last Palm models were fully written in JavaScript: A phone that could be hacked just by knowing JS...everything was accessible... of course the kernel was something lower level... but only very small, like a rudimentary linux to connect to hardware - BIOS / basic input output system - but everything else was written in JS...

    Looking to get you easy going, I would not go for ESP8266 or ESP32 or alike... first of all, your batteries cannot feed'm... but if you go for a puck or - form fitting - BLE breakout board and you connect over 19k2 serial as offered by Psion as well, you could get really somewhere... (of course, your phone in the back pack / pocket would have to play the hub... or some raspi in the room listening to your BLE...)

    A project to publish on Hack THE day with a Psion 3c - I mean hackaday.org.


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