• Our kitchen radio recently died, so I bought a si4703 i2c FM receiver. In about two years time, we'll be able to get some tunes in our kitchen again ;) I don't know a thing or two about bitwise JS, so reading the registers from the si4703 and overwriting them will be a pain... Reading tips are much appreciated!

    However, the good news is that I got the rotary encoder and digital potentiometers for tuning and volume working! Both needed a new module: the existing Encoder-module doesn't cover the push-button my encoders have built into the shaft, and there was no existing module for my potmeters (X9C103).

    I'm leaving them here in case anyone finds it useful. Also, remarks about coding is welcome, since I'm not a pro coder. Full modules are attached, here is a usage example:

        var pot = new X9C103( { cs:PIN_CS, ud: PIN_UD, inc: PIN_INC } );
        var volume = new Rotary( PIN_A, PIN_B, PIN_SW );
        volume.rotateCallback = function () {
            if( this.position < 0 )
                this.position = 0;
            if( this.position > 100 )
                this.position = 100;
            pot.jumpTo( this.position );

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