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  • Any ideas what the library would actually do? Realistically I'm not going to be able to add drivers for 450 different boards :)

    Why not? ;-)

    I was only thinking about really small code examples for setting up the communication interfaces (UART, SPI or I2C) on the correct pins. Or even better, a kind of abstraction layer for modules compatible with the "mikroBUS" (spec here:­andards/mikrobus/mikrobus-standard-speci­fication-v200.pdf)
    In page 6 is showed the pinout of the mikroBUS.
    I could be very cool to be able to get access to this by calling some thing like

    var mikroBUS= new mikroBUS();
    digitalPulse(mikroBUS.RST, 1, 5);
    mikroBUS.SPI.send("some data");
    //and so on...