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  • I'm not having much luck with the CLI over BLE

    Connecting to 'c8:71:9f:36:a5:ee'
    * No list of built-in modules found. If you get 'Module not found' *
    * messages for built-in modules you may want to connect to a board *
    * with '-p devicePath' or use '--board BOARDNAME'                  *
    Module neopixel not found

    I'm setting puckjs in the jobfile

    I've actually noticed this not found warning in the web ide - but scripts seem to work, so I've not paid much attention

    The file seems to write - but leaves the device in a semi-broken state.

    The file doesn't actually run - and subsequent attempts to connect via the web ide connect ok, but the repl is broken, sometimes I get this in the repl:

    >Uncaught Error: String too big to convert to float
     at line 1 col 547

    I'm thinking of hooking an FTDI USB-serial adapter to see how much of this is specific to BLE


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