• Hi All

    I was able to get the Espruino IDE working from an android mobile (samung s7) and was able to see the repl interface come up correctly on to the console on the left.

    TO debug what was wrong from the PC side, I tried runing a couple of Google Web Bluetooth demos (https://googlechrome.github.io/samples/w­eb-bluetooth/) and they are able to see the device but while enumerating the characteristics, there is some issue. Maybe its my bluetooth dongle or some other isssue. Will keep this port updated as i progress. Maybe it can serve as a learning for other devs.

    I will start adding the pin defintion and related jswrap files for the itracker to enable the use of the NBIoT module and the GPS module on it. Then proceed to add the various sensors as well. Hopefully will be able to get a new board support into Espruino.


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