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  • short version:
    With the new systems the processing fee is just more visible and hence might stop people from pledging - especially in the 1$ - 2$ range. However the service costs remain almost identical.

    longer version:
    I've looked ad EEVblogs eevBLAB #42 Patreon rant. He is showing his numbers at 4:45.

    According to Dave, Patreon charged him with ~12% for the entire service.

    Looking at this raw data, I deduct Patreon's cut in % remains unchanged:

    • Patreon still deducts a %5 fee from the creator.
    • The processing fee was previously payed by the creator and is now added onto of the pledge:
      i.e. 20$ pledge + 0.35$ + 0.58$ = 20.93$ => ~5%.

    Yes, charging 0.35$ multiple times is wrong. That sed I assume this practice was previously hidden and is now obvious.


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