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  • I was a bit less patient and had pulled up the page... just stopped on the eagle dive hitting the 'Cancel Pledge' button... or fish. My thought is: is the 'added on' service - Mehrwert - that Patreon provides for you @Gordon worth the fee(s)?

    To me it looks just like a 'collector' service - already a third party - using another third-party for fulfillment... being the top middle men / man in the chain yield them the most, because % wise it add the % off all the other that actually contribute something... Reading the post, it makes me now even 'read' that @Gordon is charging me... that's probably the most nice twist in the story...

    Thinking about the creation pattern @Gordon adheres to and the creation pattern Patreon business is after, I'm not sure if it is a fit... @Gordon is not a song/performance/movie/social media creator (no insult here and I may be totally wrong...)

    I see the motivation of the business be read more the way of

    how much money can we get out of the fans of @Gordon

    rather than

    how can we help to get @Gordon more fans

    I'm an naive optimist to the point of a fatalist... (not) sorry, it's just me.

    Moving the forum on a more prominent platform - any git ? - may be worth a thought... to consolidate the various directions reaching prospects is going.

    The Patreon time bomb is ticking... and in the end I'd rather let PayPal just cash my money... at least they are a more transparent org...


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