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  • I honestly don't understand why Patreon needs so many millions in VC funding

    Don't get me started... My feeling is Patreon may have done well because they could afford to pay a marketing team to get the word out. I'm sure there were (and are) better platforms out there that just haven't got the exposure. Someone mentioned on

    Unless I'm missing something it seems relatively easy to knock up the actual tech side of things - it's just building the business... But seeing how self-destructive Patreon are being now it's hard to imagine they got where they are through well thought out business decisions :)

    It looks like this is an ongoing developing story, so I'll wait until the dust settles before I pull the plug on Patreon.

    Thanks! There are at least two Patreons who haven't waited though, and I'm sure there will be more - hopefully Patreon will do something to make this up to everyone, but I'm not optimistic.


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