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    It's particularly frustrating - I and I think most other people on Patreon knew there was that charge that came out of what I got after people donated. It's just what happens.

    What they've done is just (quite rightly) going to annoy Patreons to the point of leaving, and actually makes very little difference to the overall figure. It's like the pointless change of logo that required everyone to change all their stuff - I don't know who is in charge of Patreon but they're doing a horrible job.

    And don't get me started on the $0.35 processing charge - presumably if you support multiple people then Patreon take one payment for all of them so there's just a single $0.35 charge - and then they just pocket the rest!

    Honestly, at the moment it's just the PayPal donations - those could be an option? There's an option for recurring payments there - but it's not like there'll be anything like the specific news feed that Patreon had.


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