• I've got an Espruino Wifi, and a Adafruit Ultimate GPS (https://www.adafruit.com/product/746).

    I've got the following code from the tutorials;

    Serial1.setup(9600, {tx: B6, rx: B7});
    function onInit() {
      var gps = require("GPS").connect(Serial1, function (data) {

    The GPS module appears to power up ok, it's red LED flashing once every 1 seconds for a satellite fix, however i'm getting absolutely nothing back from the console.log. Not an error, not a success, nothing.

    Not really sure where to go for troubleshooting from here. I believe I've got the pins wired up correctly.

    Is it simply that the GPS module provided won't work "out of the box" with this module, do i need to do some lower level interfacing? Or perhaps something else is afoot?

    Is there generally any way to debug/troubleshoot in circumstances like this?

    EDIT: just to note: experienced JS dev, completely inexperienced Espruino/Ardunio etc dev!


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