• Hi,
    I bought a pico a while back and used it for a bit and then decided to to run micropython on it as a comparison. I didn't really use it that much with micropython so decided to swap it back to running espruino. Initially i tried to just re-flash it using the web IDE but it would not connect to the board (It did detect it though). I then tried to re-flash it using dfu-util (i'm running linux and used a pencil to short boot0/btn) as i had done to put micropython on it in the first place and this seemed to work (got no errors). I then got rid of the graphite but since then it has refused to power up and now nothing happens - no lights at all. The web IDE indicates no usb port (/dev/ttyACM0) only internal serial and both lsusb and dmesg show nothing. Could this be caused by not clearing out the graphite properly (i thought i had) or have i bricked it?

    Any help is much appreciated.



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