• Two final challenges remain to resolve - even though they are not part of the overall topic of this conversation:

    1. See something like this at runtime where the core of the application - internet connectivity - is uploaded to the board and the rest of the application is pulled in dynamically over the Web in the start-up of the application.

    2. See an application at runtime replacing a module on predefined expiration or server notification over the Web by shutting down the module, replacing it with the new, updated version over the Web, and restarting it. Depending on the dependencies, it may be easier to just restart the whole application, and the solution of challenge 1. solves the 'logical' challenge 2.

    But what we have shown so far is how we can develop even large module(s) within the same source file as the application through the module(s)'s early stages.

    Next post returns back to the topic and focus of this conversion: Module development(process).


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