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  • Yes, you should be able to. You could check the circuit diagram against the nRF52832DK, but if Adafruit have used the same pins for Serial RX and TX then you could use the existing nRF52832DK firmware for Espruino (¬≠master/).

    Having said that, they have their own bootloader by the look of it, so you'd have to look into how exactly that works. It might be that if you just uploaded the firmware (not the softdevice or bootloader) region then it'd 'just work'.

    If you programmed it via an external SWD programmer then you'd be sorted though - just shove the nRF52832DK firmware on there and you're laughing.

    I might have a word with them and see if we can arrange a way to get it on the Espruino site - if there's a custom firmware in a format that can be uploaded with their bootloader then it'd be much easier.


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