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  • Hello all,

    I'm curious if anyone has attempted and/or has any suggestions for how to go about building a template to connect with AWS' IoT service. Ideally it would look something like this:

    // main.js
    const WIFI_SSID  = "WIFI SSID"
    const WIFI_PASS  = "WIFI 
    const AWS_IOT_MQTT_HOST  = ""
    const AWS_IOT_MQTT_PORT  = 8883
    const AWS_IOT_MQTT_CLIENT_ID  =  "SomeClientID"
    const AWS_IOT_MY_THING_NAME   =  "SomeThingName"

    And you'd store some AWS provided certs that will be given to you by amazon.

    I've used this repo as example on how to implement it. As a strategy I'm thinking:

    1. Implement the C version from the repo above.
    2. Then try to implement it using the official espruino board. I think I'm more likely to get support doing this.
    3. Implementing it using the ESP32 with espruino.

    I'm also curious if anyone has attempted this in the past with any board.

    Thanks for reading!


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