• Are you using the original Puck.js firmware? Updating may help you, but I don't remember seeing this problem before... Have you just tried powering the Puck itself off and back on? If it's old firmware I guess it could have go itself into an off state.

  • Tue 2017.08.01

    @Gordon, Yes, the original Puck.js firmware 1v88

    However not able to update http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­308440/#comment13773153
    as I was waiting to see if there is the possibility.

    Tried all ideas of re-powering, re-connect, different button press duration combinations, re-launch and reboot, etc. Unfortunately, don't have a second Puck on hand at the moment.

    Incidentally, I had read at least one occurrence of this roughly four months ago, but couldn't locate the post, and search was unsuccessful.


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