• Mon 2017.07.31

    I have installed the native Espruino IDE v65.9 on Windows 10. Have successfully paired. I am able to connect via Bluetooth and am able to see the green connected verification modeless popup dialog indicating the MAC address over the lower right hand corner.

    The left hand panel shows "Connected >" and the flashing caret. But the Espruino banner never shows. Clicking in the left panel then immediately typing never updates, always a black screen, but it can be verified from Settings>>Console that typed characters are being recognized.

    Can send code snippets from the right hand side along with Blocky examples, but the left hand panel never updates. LEDs flash on Puck so code is executing there.

    Have tested Com port mode and am able to connect to a Pico. Left hand panel accessible.

    Is this related to the version of Puck firmware or is the native Espruino IDE under Bluetooth suspect?


Avatar for Robin @Robin started