• Thanks for your help Gordon. This is a nice little example to do with the puck by itself.
    For anyone else, finished code to be used along with the adafruit bluefruit app is below.

    NRF.on('connect', function(addr) { 
    setWatch(function() {
    }, BTN, {repeat:true, edge:"rising", debounce:50});
    Bluetooth.on('data', function(d) { 
      if (d[0]=="!" && d[1]=="B") {
        var b = d.substr(2,2);
        if (b[0]=="1") LED1.write(0|b[1]);
        if (b[0]=="2") LED2.write(0|b[1]);
        if (b[0]=="3") LED3.write(0|b[1]);
        if (b[0]=="4") digitalWrite([LED1, LED2, LED3], b[1]*7);

    Just remeber to press the btn on the puck if you want to send some new code to the puck