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  • I did get the SX1276 to transmit/receive packets, but that's it.

    However is a module that handles LoRaWAN. I've had that transmitting packets from one module to another (without LoRaWAN) really easily, and am in the process of doing a project that uses it over a LoRaWAN access point at the moment.

    If this is a question about potential business then I did consider it, but until LoRaWAN rolls out in to more cities I'm not sure the volume is really there (and it's trivial to stick a RN2483 on an Espruino Pico - @DrAzzy makes a board that connects straight in.

    Having looked into it a bit now, rolling your own LoRaWAN network is still pretty rough around the edges. I mean, it's possible, but judging by how little documentation there is, I doubt there are many more than 100 or so people max that have actually set one up and the only a small proportion of those would see the value of running JS.


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