• what was strange in my code, which took away your time ?

    :) I had to add some print statements to figure out what was happening at first, but the URLs requested all start with / - which means that when running under Linux it's trying to read and create files in the root directory. Also uploadStd and uploadPipe did the opposite of their names ;)

    there is an res.end in function uploadStd and another one in function uploadPipe. Are they never called, wrong location, or ??

    Wrong location I'm afraid - they are called when the pipe closes, but the pipe only closes when the socket closes (at least in Espruino) - and the socket never closes because res.end() wasn't called!

    As @Wilberforce says, using Ubuntu on Windows is pretty nice. With the new Espruino builds you may have to do BOARD=LINUX make though - but I might tweak that soon so it's not needed.


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