• Hopefully this helps (and there is no typo in text :-) ).

    First see attached files.

    • copy testPipe.html to sd
    • connect sd to your board
    • copy tesppipeJS.txt to webIDE
    • change ssid/passwd and pins to your board
    • send to your board
    • open http://nameOfServerOnYourBoard/testPipe.­html
    • fill textarea with a lot of chars, more than 1000
    • click Upload piped
    • check file on sd in webide console.log(require("fs").readFile("uplo­aded.html"). In my case only a few lines, up to 25, are found )
    • drop file on sd require("fs").unlink("uploaded.html")
    • click Upload eventdriven
    • do same check as before. In my case the file now holds everything

    BTW, looks like different sd cards result in different size for Upload piped

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