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  • I was going through some stats for a talk I'm giving, and I thought you might be interested in this...

    See the graph below - this shows Espruino IDE use, based on the web server's access logs - so how many times the board description files (which pins/libraries each board supports) have been downloaded from the Espruino website (don't worry, the IDE doesn't transmit any information to me at all - it just asks for the connected board's file).

    Brief stats:

    • In December, 37000 JSON files were downloaded - so that's the times a board has successfully connected to the IDE, and excluding all the firewalled and cached accesses.
    • In November, more people were using ESP8266 than every Espruino board put together
    • Only 1/3 of users had actually used an official Espruino board
    • There are now 80,000 downloads of binary files per month
    • 20,000 unique website visitors a month
    • I get 500 non-spam emails a week
    • I've written 7000 forum posts to date - that's over 5 a day, every day, for the last 3.5 years
    • I've made over 1400 GitHub contributions in the last year

    So yeah, big numbers - and it looks like it's really been picking up the last few months!

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