• RedBear said in their KickStarter:

    There are existing efforts to port Espruino, a JavaScript run-time for MCU, to nRF52832, we will get involved and ensure our boards are fully compatible with the open source version for nRF52.

    So I'd bug them about it.

    They were perfectly happy to use our work on Espruino to try and sell more of their devices - I don't see why I should spend my time trying to help them out when they're not doing what they said they would on their KickStarter page.

    I know that's not good to hear for you as a backer of both, but it puts me in a difficult position.

    If they were willing to contribute back to Espruino development things might be different, but they did this on their last product too - they ported Espruino to that one and didn't contribute a single thing back - also the firmware hasn't been updated for 6 months so if you bought one of their products hoping to use Espruino on it you're basically screwed.


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