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  • Probably Espruino Wifi is a good bet for you then - the STM32F4 chip in it can be put to sleep quite easily, and you can turn Wifi on only when you need it (although it'll still draw quite a bit of power when active!).

    I'll make a note to have a search through the docs and change the use of CC3000. I think you'll find that most projects involving the Pico use the ESP8266, and the ones using the original board use CC3000 - as that's what was available at the time.

    I'm afraid there's no 6lowpan stuff at the moment, but there is an example of using XBee:

    Actually using a 6lowpan module with Espruino is probably not that hard, and I'll be adding IPv6 over BLE support to Puck.js soon, which could potentially be another option?


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