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  • I found the cause. WHITESPACE! Yep, if I change the number of spaces at the end of the line of code, after the ; mqtt.connect(); and upload/flash, I will get a different client_id from Mosquitto.
    Other changes to whitespace may have the same result. Further experiments will follow.

    I am using the Web IDE. I have my source code in Atom (because I edit everything in Atom) and then copy/paste the code into the Web IDE. I use the 'Send to Espruino' icon to upload/flash the code to the esp8266. I connect to the esp8266 over wifi to upload/flash. I reset() before every upload/flash and save() after.

    In WebIDE under Communications I have Reset before Send set, and Set Current Time set.

    Minification Settings:
    Minification and Module Minification are both set to 'Esprima (offline)'
    All check boxes are checked.

    Later I may toggle some settings and see if I get different results.


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