• The RTC on Espruino will 'just work' - as in normal JavaScript you can do new Date() and you'll get the current date. And just use setInterval to call your code however often you want, and setWatch to wake Puck.js up when the button is pressed.

    There's no 32kHz oscillator on Puck.js but the nRF52 does some fancy calibration stuff, so it manages better than 250ppm. That means that worst case over 1 year of operation it'll lose 2 hours... So if you checked it once a month and updated the time at that point, I guess that'd be good enough?

    In terms of cases, the case will be open source, and hopefully some people will contribute some different sized cases (I may do as well). I'm hoping that the solid base will be easy enough to 3D print yourself if you have access to a printer (or it'll be ~£10 to send it off and get it printed) - and the existing silicone sleeve would still seal over the top of a new, larger case without any trouble.


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