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  • Thanks Gordon, for your rules of thumb about ram usage and power/timing. I rather lower the sample rate than adding physical memory for more logging space. 30 days data retention is good enough for me.

    The sleep modes I read in the datasheet (system on/off, ram retention yes/no) triggered a question. How time conscious is the puck.js if it is asleep most of the time?

    I want to beacon some light/temp stats, and some real date/time makes sense. The Nordic chip has a RTC, but have not figured out yet how to use the power save mode friendly TICK event, and how power consuming this RTC implementation will be.

    So every couple of minutes sample temp/light, beacon some stats, a quick listen (no ladder climbing push button activity ;-) if a known BT host is present for downloading logging data and free up the ram for another month of sampling.

    If a user adds some hardware, is it costly to make a resized puck housing (base/sleeve) for a single (outdoor proof) prototype? If a 3D printing service or nearby fablab is used, what materials should be used?

    Maybe a batch casted XL silicone sleeves could be made/sold where you cut off some silicone from the bottom yourself to seal your homebrew stacked puck.


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