• Posting up a video of my enhancements to the HD44780 driver reminded me that I never got back here and posted a video of the GUI in action. So... here it is!

    Shown here is a demo of the Button, Checkbox, and Slider classes. There's a layout bug in the Checkbox class that I still need to fix. The slider can have the slide hidden so it can be used to manage more interesting "sliding" things, like shown here with the addressible light strip... pretty cool, eh?

    Button supports a flat and a 3D style.

    I asked a question elsewhere today about modules, which is directly related to this work. The entire GUI code, even minified, is quite big, and the STM32F1 chips used on the Haoyu MiniSTM32 display boards have about half the RAM of the F4's used on the Pico. So I'm going to break it up into individual modules for each widget type (Button, Slider, etc.). Then, only the elements actually being used can be loaded, using only the space needed.

    Any and all feedback welcome! This is a "fun" project for me I've been tinkering with as I get to know Espruino and the MCU world. I've ordered about U$50 worth of various sensors and things to play with, so more funny business from me over the coming months.

    I just gotta get off my lazy tusch and do one of the REAL projects I've been thinking about. I'm having too much fun experimenting :-) :-)


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