• I know, sorry - I'd posted the first comment before you opened the new thread though :)

    So it looks like Android is very picky, and you have to specify the advertising data exactly. I've had to build a new version of Espruino that allows you to specify the entire advertising packet (hopefully a micro:bit build will be available in a half hour or so).

    Also, Android will silently refuse to recognise any non-HTTPS links, even if they're via goo.gl (which is HTTPS), so you're hit twice.

    This works though (with the new build)

    NRF.setAdvertising([0x03,  // Length of Service List
      0x03,  // Param: Service List
      0xAA, 0xFE,  // Eddystone ID
      0x13,  // Length of Service Data
      0x16,  // Service Data
      0xAA, 0xFE, // Eddystone ID
      0x10,  // Frame type: URL
      0xF8, // Power
      0x03, // https://

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